Motorcyclist Shares His Close Calls on the Road

Motorcycle Safety Interview

Video Transcription:

Male: It’s a great ride. It’s a great cause. It brings a lot of awareness to the group. It’s something I think everybody ought to do at least once.

David Ransin: And how many times have you been on this ride?

Male: This is our fourth year.

David Ransin: Great, great. Well, next year because you’ll be a safe rider, you’ll be back and you’ll bring more friends, right?

Male: Absolutely.

David Ransin: Good, good. Hey Moe. Tell us about your experience. And have you had any close calls?

Moe: A couple. Somebody running out, you know, just didn’t see me.

David Ransin: Didn’t look.

Moe: Didn’t look, but I was lucky. And you got to wear bright clothes sometimes, you know, to be seen. It’s all about being seen out there.

David Ransin: Why don’t you share with people, you know, obviously black leather is fashionable but is the first purpose really fashion?

Moe: No.

David Ransin: What is the purpose of wearing leather?

Moe: Wearing leather? For, like, if you hit the ground or something, it keeps your hide on your back.

David Ransin: Dressed for the fall and not the ride, right?

Moe: Yeah. Dressed for the fall, just in case. It can happen anytime.

David Ransin: It’s protection.

Moe: Yes. Absolutely.

David Ransin: And that’s important. What advice would you have for car and truck drivers to make it safer for us out there?

Moe: Well, I’m a truck driver so… Well, I mean that goes both ways. You know, a lot of people jump out in front of a big truck and hit their brakes as soon as they get in front of you. And so, I mean, it’s offense and defense. You just got to play both games.

David Ransin: Keep your mind on your driving?

Moe: Yeah, focus on what you’re doing.

David Ransin: Well, and we hear “look twice” all the time. That’s not just look twice for motorcycles. Look twice for trucks, cars, everybody, right?

Moe: Yeah. You constantly look in both your mirrors. Your head is just constantly moving at all times. You just look and see what’s going on around you at all times. You let down your guard, it’ll a sneak up on you.