Springfield Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Ride Interview

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Video Transcription:

David Ransin: We have Gary and Scott here. And, we’ll start off with Gary. And Gary, share your thoughts why safety and awareness of motorcycles is so important.

Gary: Just to have, you know, people watch out for motorcycles on the roads. It’s hard to stop. And just keep your eye open.

David Ransin: What can they do better, Scott, to make it safe for everybody?

Scott: Lay the cell phones down.

David Ransin: That’s a bad, bad problem we got right now.

Scott. Every day. Yeah.

Interviewer: Well, and every vehicle, if you think about it, has a cell phone holder built it, that little round thing. Just put your phone in that cup holder and don’t touch it. Right?

Scott: Exactly.

Gary: Exactly.

David Ransin: Have you had any close calls?

Gary: Quite a few in my lifetime.

David Ransin: Well, and you’ve got to watch for them, because they’re not seeing you.

Scott: Exactly. Yeah.

David Ransin: Well, I appreciate y’all coming out today.

Scott: Thank you.

David Ransin: Enjoy the ride and be safe…

Gary: Thank you.

David Ransin:…okay, guys?

Scott: Thanks.