Great weather for riding !!

Finally ! Snow yesterday, and 70 degrees today !

It is certainly motorcycle riding weather !

The north end of my property has about 4 acres of woods and a nice valley in which I’ve cut about ¼ mile of trails with a few modest hill climbs, and there’s nothing better than a day like today to come home from the office and just roll my bike out of the barn, and she fires up on the first kick after a long winter ! I need to get in shape as my twice a year gathering of riding friends is coming up in a few weeks. The group goes by BSG, Blood, Sweat and Gears ! We are heading down to Arkansas for 4 days of fun, great riding, and plenty of time around the camp fire with friends from 5 states. The group has been doing this twice a year for many decades. I was honored to be invited by a fellow attorney, and have made dozens of good friends over the years of riding events.

Many of the trails are hillside, off camber and with the winter’s leaves, a bit slick, but weaving the tight turns is great training for what’s to come in Arkansas ! When my legs get a bit rubbery, I know it’s time to quit and put it away until tomorrow….

Remember, May is Motorcycle Awareness Month, so be careful out there, and enjoy this most lovely Ozarks spring weather !!

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